Vision of the Child

The 2016 Edition of VoTC was opened on the 21st of January 2016. Registration commenced same day.

The VoTC School visit programme commenced on the 26th of January for a period of 5 weeks.  Over a thousand schools were covered within Ikeja, Badagry, Ikorodu, Lagos Island and Epe, see Appendix 1 for the list of five hundred and eighty-five (585) schools.

As shown in figure 2.0 and 2.1, VoTC collaborated with Diamond Bank Youth segment for Adopt-a-School-Programme, the project began with the schools of the past winners. The scope of this project is to promote education through private sector led initiative. A total of 42 Schools will benefits from the project’s first phase.

VoTC-Diamond School Visit

Fig 2.0: VoTC-Diamond School Visit to Ajara Junior and Senior Grammar School, Badagry.

votc 02

Fig 2.1: At Topo Grammar School, Badagry with Diamond Bank Team

Screening Exercise and presentation of finalists

Screening Exercise

The project’s phase four began on the 12th of April with the three-day intensive interview which lasted for three (3) days. The children presentation was based on the year’s theme, Sisi-Eko@50: Ageing gracefully? Or Na So-So Pancake?.

A total of 500 students from 200 public and private schools (primary and secondary) from different parts of Lagos State participated in the audition. The entries were assessed by a panel of eminent jury comprising teachers, artists, child carers, and social workers.

Figure 4.0 Interview Section during the screening phase.

VoTC-screening phase 01
VoTC-screening phase 02
VoTC-screening phase 03
VoTC-screening phase 04
VoTC-screening phase 05
VoTC-screening phase 06

At the end of the exercise, a meeting of stakeholders was held at the Freedom Park to discuss performances of the entrants based on the selection criteria listed  below:

1. Understanding of the topic
2. Skill
3. Confidence
4. Composition

Stakeholders Meeting  Stakeholders Meeting

Stakeholders Meeting on Key Performance Indicator

Presentation of the Finalists

The results were collated and the finalists emerged on the 19th of April. The finalists were drawn from Literary Arts and Painting Categories in ratio 20:30  respectively.

The 50 finalists representing 31 schools within Lagos State were officially presented to the public at a press briefing on April 29, 2016.

VoTC finalists  votc 12

The Main Competition and Private Viewing by the Judges

The Main Competition

The VoTC 50 finalists were invited to the Federal Palace Hotel on May 13 to present their works in Painting and Literary Arts medium. The finalists are shown below in Figure 5.0 and 5.1.

Thirty (30) of them were provided with brushes, water & poster colour, painting papers, easels and other painting materials to illustrate their literary presentation in the complementary medium of Painting. The other 20 made their literary presentation before the judges in the reading studio.

The waiting room at the Balmoral hall was equipped with TV screen where parents, teachers and invited guests watched the children   presentation.

 VoTC finalists

Fig 5.0: VoTC finalists in Painting Category

 VoTC finalists in Literary Category

Figure 5.1: VoTC finalists in Literary Category

The competition lasted for 7 hours, all participants were engaged and the experience was fantastic.  Figure 5.2 and 5.3 shows some clips from the competition.

votc 14

Figure 5.2: The 50 finalists with VIPs during the Press Conference

Children preparing for their presentation at the reading studio  Children preparing for their presentation at the reading studio

Figure 5.3: Children preparing for their presentation at the reading studio

The Painting group  The Painting group

Figure 5.4: The Painting group matching to the painting area at the Federal Palace Hotel.

Private Viewing by Judges

Phase five is still ongoing, the works will be framed between 16 and 20 May 2016. The works will be on exhibition for private viewing by the judges on Monday, 23rd of May. The 6 finalists in the painting category will emerge same day. The result will be announced at the Award dinner on the May 27, 2016.

Other upcoming events

The remaining phases (6-8) listed below will start on 27 May 2016 till 27 May 2017:

• Exhibition of Sisi-Eko@50
• Award Dinner
• 1 year Exhibition of VoTC 50 at different location with planned programmes

The exhibition is expected to be opened on May 27 at the Civic Centre, it will continue at designated centre thereafter. Suggested exhibition locations  are:

• Governor’s office
• Freedom Park
• Sponsors designated centres
• Nike Art Gallery
• Terra Kulture
and others

VoTC Award dinner will hold at the Civic Centre by 5pm on May 27, 2016. One year exhibition will continue till May 27, 2017.

votc 20  votc 21